Planning Lessons and Courses: Designing Sequences of Work for the Language Classroom. Front Cover. Tessa Woodward. Cambridge University Press. Planning Lessons and Courses: Designing Sequences of Work for the Language Classroom. Front Cover. Tessa Woodward. Cambridge University Press, Feb 8. Planning Lessons and Courses by Tessa Woodward, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Choose the topics from ones you know they should have covered. This allows you to negotiate with them the amount and timing of homework.

The sentence can be as short as they like, but it must be true. You have 15 minutes to complete stages 1, 2 and 3.

Planning Lessons and Courses (ebook) by Tessa Woodward |

Last year this class was slow and boring. You can then choose whether to harmonise with or challenge their preconceptions. Will you mark it or will they read it out in class? Obviously the ideal might be not to put a time limit on the meeting so that the student can feel free to unwind and open up but this is totally unrealistic in most settings.

Johanna rated planning lessons and courses tessa woodward really liked it Mar 04, Riah rated it it was ok Apr 27, I had usually achieved quite a bit before the students deigned to turn up! Work to improve your feedback skills, finding different ways to comment on written work and respond to student talk.

A Dialogue journals If you want your students to have practice reading and writing natural English for real purposes on a regular basis and you are also keen on getting to know your students a lot better individually, then dialogue journals may be the thing for you.

Beatriz rated it it was amazing Coursess 18, Jun 06, Rachel rated it liked it. Assel rated it really liked it Nov 27, The chunk, in both the typing planning lessons and courses tessa woodward the driving, is the running together into a planning lessons and courses tessa woodward sequence all the little steps that we have previously learned. First of all, as a good user of the target language, you will show by the way you speak and move and the materials and methods you choose, not just who you leswons in terms of your own genes, personality and coursrs but also in terms of the amount of target culture that has rubbed off on you.

We are, with the analysis, starting with classroom evidence and working backwards to beliefs and assumptions.

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Past and present teachers If you are taking over or are going to share a class, it makes sense to talk to past or present teachers tedsa the class or write to them if they are in another institution. For homework they ask their families. Noticing While working on words, groups of words, grammatical patterns and functions, plan to teach students wiodward to notice their form, meaning and use.

This will reinforce what is already happening at an unconscious level and also encourages students to branch out and do more learning on their own. These are some of the things it can be helpful to know. They need to get strong images of these forms. So you can work planning what to do if one or two students are without a mother tongue friend.

Taking care of the atmosphere You may be the kind of teacher who is unable to coruses into planning lessons and courses tessa woodward main work of a lesson until you judge the atmosphere of planning lessons and courses tessa woodward class to be just right. So time has to be spent practising and using these skills. It may well take many meetings before you know most of the following things about a new word.

Options here are making new things from the stimulus, reducing or woorward it, thinking of parallels, opposites or reversals.

Creation In the creation stage the students move on from the stimulus, using it as a springboard to new skills or new products.

Culture clashes there are, albeit deep down, unconscious ones, between those who respect time boundaries clearly, and those who take them planning lessons and courses tessa woodward casually. How many have a relative who speaks some English? Stimulus-based blocks Another way of looking at the time between the beginning and end of a lesson is as one big block of time that you can use to get a lot of work done on one thing.

As such it may need to be discussed and any renegotiated points noted and signed by both parties in this space. Write them on the board. Different types planninb unit can be not only nested inside but also mapped onto other units. Where to anr for help on culture Apart from the reading already mentioned above I would recommend Kramsch as an extremely thought-provoking read in this area. If the arrangements between your llessons institution and the sending institution are long term, what procedures are already in place for receiving, testing and teaching?

Chapter 7 Getting down to the ccourses takes the practical, everyday starting points and written formats that people actually planning lessons and courses tessa woodward and not the ways of working we have been told on training courses that we OUGHT to use!


Planning Lessons and Courses by Tessa Woodward

Our classroom was warm. You can also ask them to write to you telling you a little about themselves. In my experience peers will be a lot tougher on students than teachers ever lesspns As more words are added to the list on each piece of paper, there is more recording and checking, more thinking and less writing. For example, you can learn what behaviour is expected tessw you in a classroom in terms of punctuality, dress and posture all on one day in the same class.

Teachers need to learn how students planning lessons and courses tessa woodward thinking about something already before they can settle on the best starting point and way to proceed.

Planning Lessons and Courses : Designing Sequences of Work for the Language Classroom

Give an example on the board. Of course you may want to do a little work on all these things in class but, within any one phase, be clear of your reasons and communicate these to students. It is a way of getting from classroom tactics to talk of beliefs and values.

We may not know how we got to be able to do this but most of us, looking back, can sense that a distance has been travelled. You may stay a little late after class too. It constitutes a high point in language usage often representing quality planning lessons and courses tessa woodward expression. If you would like to read an account of a teacher getting to know individual planning lessons and courses tessa woodward, try Hess The teacher tries to remember where an activity or the idea for a phase came from.

Ways of getting better at planning As I said above, I can remember how it felt to spend all evening preparing for one lesson, to stare at paragraphs of explanation in grammar books wondering what anomalous finites were and whether it would be useful for students to learn about them.

On my training course I only did one or two separate ones.