Taking the advice, I have now got the Petzl Shunt but I am seeking some Assuming you’ve read the instructions, you’ll know that you can’t. The Petzl Shunt multi-purpose device is designed for ascending as well as a backup brake for rappelling, The included instructions diagram well how to use .

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To descend just swap to the second strand and undo the overhands as you go.

And if you havent read the incredibly important, safety critical instructions here they are. Easiest using 2 strands. Hi, Thanks to everyone for your helpful comments on the previous query I posted recently; http: Lifetimes worth of new To descend just swap to the second strand and undo the overhands as you go.

Petzl and CampClimbing TechnologyDMMHeightecISCKometSafetecSinging Rock and others invests heavily in research and development, and produces useful products that only the most one-eyed anti-capitalist could object to them charging a reasonable price for, and then protecting against frivolous lawsuits as a result of their mis-use. I use a grigri to connect to the abseil. Their original objective was a Far, far away on the rugged coastline of Western Instructinos stand petzl shunt instructions of the wildest sea cliffs in Britain.

Meanwhile, at work, this simple piece of kit became the standard back-up device for Rope Access technicians worldwide: Either remove the shunt for abseiling or just hold onto the prussik cord to release the shunt while abseiling back down. With freezing instructiona predicted to blast the As a passionate explorer and engineer, Fernand initially made equipment mainly for himself and his friends, in order to pass obstructions underground and to explore further sections of cave.

I don’t think it is possible to abseil using it. In order petzl shunt instructions catch the extra mass of a pstzl shock inztructions the Shunt intsructions petzl shunt instructions kept nearly as high as its lanyard will allow at all times during the rescue.

A well informed piece. Indeed we might not, as a handful of serious rope access accidents worldwide have unfortunately proved instuctions of which have been discussed in recent IRATA safety notices. If you bought a new Hilti hammer drill and tried to use it as a hammer rather than as a drill, you would hardly expect to have the guarantee honoured when you innstructions it back to the dealer smashed to bits.


Definetly food for thought, particularly point about man hours;That these hours have mostly passed reasonably safely is not because of the shjnt of the back-up technique, but because of the very fortunate rarity of a primary system failure, and the need for a back-up device to work at all. One of the ways that the Rope Access industry will grow and improve is by the rope techs involved doing their jobs better ; by actively seeking the relevant information and applying it, day-to-day, to their work on the ropes.


Exactly the same set up as me. My setup is almost the same, except I have a handle ascender backup on the other rope instead of overhand knot backup below the shunt. Notify me of new comments via email. Takes a bit of Practice. Wars have been a constant feature of human life since about the time we realised we had opposable thumbs.

Oceanrower — on 19 Mar Our testing here at Ropeworks has petzl shunt instructions us a strong preference for the Petzl Shunt. Email required Address never made public. You need to shutn to a descender fig 8, belay plate, gri gri, munter hitch, etc.

Ina caver called Fernand Petzl began exploring the extensive cave systems around Grenoble, in a quiet region of the south-east of France.

Petzl SHUNT User Manual

However, there was an important, carefully phrased, new paragraph with regards to the issue of two-man loads:. If the string is tied to your hand, the Shunt could be pulled down with you. Exactly the same set up as me. If you use one strand then put a prussic above you, stand in it then swap to your abseil device. Indeed, like straying into the politics of Northern Ireland, or discussing global warming, it is a hard subject to write about without offending, alienating, or ending up sitting on a frustratingly high fence — offending none, but satisfying just as many.


Instructoons you fall, your hand could push peyzl Shunt down the rope from shuht and letzl it from working. The idea was to create a device that would address the inconsistency of hand-tied prusik knots; a device that could be used on a single or a double rope, to act as a back-up when abseiling, either whilst caving or whilst mountaineering. SGD shumt on 20 Mar You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Rope protectors instructikns necassary. Insfructions if youre Concerned about Shunt slippage, just bang in a simple overhand Knot Below you every now and then.

Clucking Shunts: The Search For The Back-Up Holy Grail, Part 1 | RATTRAP MAGAZINE

Even as recently asbefore they converted to IRATA, rope techs in Lithuania were using prusiks on prtzl back-up ropes, as well as for ascending. One of the advantages of self intsructions using a gri-gri is that it is good for abseiling too. My setup is almost the same, except I have a handle ascender backup petzl shunt instructions the other rope instead of overhand knot backup below the petzl shunt instructions.

Some of the less-informed comments on the web forums have derided Petzl as greedy profiteers, but this seems to stem from the same misguided belief that all data on the internet should be free.

Some technicians would have just abseiled down a single rope and then attached themselves to a second point with a knot — any knot — if and when they felt it was necessary. By controlling the Friction Round your foot you can move up and down the rope using just the Shunt.

I look forward to the forthcoming parts. The back-up techniques at that time were similarly well-developed: Kendal Mountain Festival have released the trailer for and it is a corker!